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Chicago Toy Shop Kid Robot Homer Simpson Silver 25th Anniversary Figure Chicago Toy Hunter FUTURAMA Collectible Lot

It’s Christmas in July!!

Here at Chicago Toy Shop we try to grab all the inventory we can while keeping it as well-rounded as possible.  That being said… Most of our collectibles are in great condition and most importantly they look pretty damn cool!!  This set of (3) Kid Robot Large 6″ + 7″ Figures were just updated July 26th, So be sure to grab these sexy large toys while supplies last!!

Kid Robot Collectible Figures

Kid Robot Collectible Vinyl Figures The Simpsons FUTURAMA


We have a new batch of 20+ Kid Robot figures coming the first week of August! Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to hook you up =)

We offer variety packs, exclusive repeat buyer discounts, free bonuses with purchases over $100.

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Here’s a video of behind the scenes exclusive  footage of some of our latest & greatest summer finds!!

Everyone that hunts garage sales, flea markets & collectibles should evaluate their own performance & give themselves a mid-summer half-time report + overall grade.  After a little bit of reminiscing over the past few months; We here at Chicago Toy Shop Video Games give ourselves all-around grade of B+ | We’ve come across = RARE Hamilton & Hawthorn Halloween Simpson Statues & We Are PUMPED!!

In the meantime here’s a NEW Poll for you guys & girls to fill out 🙂

We want to know what your all time favorite thing to collect??

Our small dedicated team is hard at work hunting down the most ultra-rare treasures we can find 🙂

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The New Amazing Spiderman 2 Movie Trailer In Theaters May 2014

Nerd Alert = The Amazing Spiderman 2 is set to release Summer 2014!!

We are definitely excited for another potential “Blockbuster” super-hero movie but we’re also curious to see if Marvel or DC will produce the most quality run of movies over the next several years.  … Only time will tell … Enjoy fans!

We want to know your thoughts? Spider-Man Vs. OsCorp?

Hunger Games Catching Fire Set To Break Records At The Box Office This Weekend As The Victor’s Tour Games Are Set To Begin!

The Hunger Catching Fire is set break box office records once again as it will almost certainly scorch any other competition this weekend.  So go bust out that wallet and enjoy some Buttery popcorn, Extra snacks & drink of choice as you feast your eyes on another blockbuster masterpiece this Holiday Season.

The film begins with Jennifer Lawrence AKA Katniss Everdeen returning home safe after just winning the 74th Annual Hunger Games.  Her partner in crime Peeta Mellark &  close enemy Liam Hemsworth both return among others to join Katniss as they are forced to fight for their lives once again in the 75th Annual “Victor’s Tour”.

The 2nd installment of Hunger Games  – A Lions Gate Film features a new director: Francis Lawrence

The reviews are positive for the most part & most critics agree that this movie has a chance to surpass the $175 Million dollar opening weekend.  The first Hunger Games did not disappoint  in the long run. (Although we didn’t love the computer generated killer wolf dogs at the end)  Either way it’s very clear the this epic franchise is picking up some serious steam as fans continue to show their love on social media and early box office projections.  Don’t miss out on the best Holiday released movie of 2013.

Good Luck to all of you this weekend and …. “May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!”

Chicago Toy Shop Team | Chi City Collectibles N Toys Team

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Floyd Mayweather Vs Canelo Alvarez Boxing PPV History Las Vegas The Money Team Golden Boy Boxing September 14th 2013

Mayweather Vs Canelo Fight Night in Las Vegas is finally here!!  The two boxers have combined for 87 professional fights and neither boxer has tasted defeat, But On September 14th, 2013… One of them will!  We here at Chicago Toy Shop represent ‘The Money Team’ & believe the undefeated champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. will rise again.  $$ It’s going to be Tough fought-long fight But “All work is easy work!!” according to TMT $$

According to early reports and Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer, The fight will most certainly crush the previous PPV sales record of $136,000,000 buys.  Tonight’s historic U.S.A. Vs. Mexico fight is estimated to bring in $200,000,000+ in Pay-Per-View buys; Even with the increase to $65.00 and $75.00 for HD Live programming.  Keep in mind that there are other fights tonight and this under-card is packed with star power.

Who do you think will win tonight’s Main Event Mayweather Vs. Alvarez fight in the famous Las Vegas MGM Grand?

Thanks again for checking in with us this weekend & enjoy the fight!!

Chi City Collectibles N Toys Team

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MTV 2 Wild N Out Nick Cannon New Episode Wild Style Free Style All New July 9th 2013 Kevin Hart DJ Khaled Kanye West Lil Wayne

MTV 2’s Wild N’ Out Hosted By Nick Cannon Is All New: Tonight @ 10:00 P.M. CT. We are proud to announce that Tuesday’s are officially WILD again!  MTV 2’s Wild N’ Out features plenty of fun guest stars, rhymes, jokes, All new cast members & Most Importantly = An infinite amount of trash talking!

Tune in for the 1st Brand New Episode Off 2013; Featuring guest stars Kevin Hart and DJ Khaled.

Thankfully MTV 2 has been on a roll lately producing new & fresh t.v. shows for everyone to enjoy.  In addition to all the new shows, someone upstairs made the right decision when they brought back a classic show with the original host; Nick Cannon.  So far ABC’s  new season of ‘America’s Got Talent’ has been stellar so far; and Nick Cannon is certainly a big reason for its recent success.  Be sure to tune in all season for a catch to expand your trash talking vocabulary.

*Guest stars also feature Lil’ Wayne & Kanye West later this season – MTV 2 Wild N’ Out July 9th, 2013*

After we all have a chance to catch our breath from laughing so hard; We advice you to stay glued to your couch or chair and watch the premiere of ‘Ain’t That America’ hosted by: Lil Duval. ‘Ain’t That America’ is the perfect complimentary show to Wild N Out – It features outrageous viral videos straight from the USA! In tonight’s episode; Alesha Renee and Jon Gabrus are the guest star. Fingers crossed it’s entertaining and fresh – Enjoy boys & girls!

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xBox 360 Injustice God’s Among Us DC Universe Video Game Is A Smash Hit For Super Hero And Fighting Fans + Chicago Toy Shop Top 10 Injustice Characters

Our Chicago Toy Shop ‘CTSVG’ Score For ‘Injustice Gods Among Us’ on the xBox 360 = 7.9 Overall.  The massive online DC Universe & Fighting community has spoken: By unanimous decision: ‘Injustice’ = Pretty Freakin’ Awesome!!

With 24 DC Universe characters to choose from – There is plenty of opportunity to find which character fits you best.

Which character you bring to the arena will ultimately decide your fate if both opponents are equally matched in overall skill.   Below we have included some high quality ‘Nerd Stats’ &  Injustice Character’ different attributes & advantage that our highly skilled team believes are worth noting:

Epice Superman Batman Battle Cool Effects Injustice Video GameThe Chicago Toy Shop Top 10 Injustice Characters:

  1. Green Lantern
  2. Superman
  3. The Flash
  4. Lex Luthor
  5. Batman
  6. Aquaman
  7. Sinestro
  8. Bane
  9. The Joker
  10. Catwoman – Shazam (TIED)

Injustice Green Lantern Solo First Pick Ranking

  • Green Lantern – Hal Jordan: (CTS Top 3 ) Green Lantern’s ‘Will’ To Win is very strong: Witnessing your father die in a plane crash when your just a kid will do that.  The ability to face your fears and overcome them with great force is a big advantage in the super hero world. When you combo that with the speed, the ability to fly & creating powerful objects made of pure energy = Top (3) Character: Injustice God’s Among Us.  Our favorite movie is the Lantern’s Might.
  • The Flash – Barry Allen: (CTS Top 3) We believe: “Knowledge Is Power” When you are a border-line genius forensic scientist & you get hit by lightning while you’re working; Chances are you’ll either become a very successful super hero or die instantly.  In addition to all those interesting facts, Barry’s mother was murdered without the killer being identified or caught.  The Flash can zip around the screen, upper cut your face and finish his laundry all before you realize what hit you!
  • Lex Luthor:(CTS Top 3) Lex Luthor was known as: ‘The Big Man On Campus’ before Superman came to town.  According to most super hero experts & Lex himself;  He’s one of the most brilliant & creative minds to hit the DC Universe.  He was a huge hit among kids and parents until his ego & jealously towards Superman was enough to classify him as a ‘Bad Guy’ for life.  The ability to look the other way and do whatever is necessary to win & succeed is an admirable attribute to have when you are trying to hurt – kill your opponent.  Lex Luthor uses his own high-tech suit in order to take full advantage of his true intelligence.  Lex’s suit is very powerful: He can push you, pull you, crush you, shoot you & anything else he wants to by the time you think about your next move.

By all mean’s we have a lot of other ‘favorites’ but you can’t always fit them in – There’s plenty of interesting characters to choose from & the replay value is fairly high. All 3 Options are pretty decent for ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ Whether you are playing versus: The Computer | Online Multi-Player | Friend Vs. Friend You are almost guaranteed to have a good time. (Unless you’re a complete Noob & your fighting game skills are still at a 5th grade level)

Who is your favorite character? For the complete list & complete character bio’s check out Injustice.Com

Injustice Flash Vs Nightwing Battle Lightning Xbox 360 Blog

Injustice: Gods Among Us Xbox 360 | What Are You Fighting For?

We’ve been battling for a little over a week now and we are very impressed with the overall game play.  The graphics are more than acceptable and the story line is much appreciate & better than expected.  for $59.95 + Tax, We do advise you to buy this game either for the xBox 360 Or Play Station 3 due to the replay value &  the fact it’s one of the only quality fight games to launch in the last ten years.

Injustice also allows for a wide variety of game modes for all types of ‘Gamers’ to enjoy featuring: Online Multi-Player, Battle Mode, Store Mode & Single Player Star Labs Along With Crazy Battles Vs Friends, Family Or CPU.

If you’d like to challenge us in any friendly online xBox 360 games: Contact Us Today | We’ll Plan A Match: C.O.D. | Injustice | NBA | FiFa | Madden | NBA Jam | NFL Blitz | Worms Online You name it: We’ll Win!! | Chicago Toy Shop Store | Facebook Like

Dexter Season 8 The Final Season The Final Symphony Dexter Showtime June 30th Season 8 Premiere

Dexter Morgan is one of our favorite television characters ever created.  Since the show first debuted in October 2006, Michael C. Hall and the rest of the ‘Miami Metro Police Team’ have been hunting down notorious serial killers & solving a lot of blood spatter puzzles along the way.  Whether you support or are against “Dexter’s Code’ … The votes are in:

Dexter and his crew have been nominated for 25 Emmy Awards, Winning 4 so far & Michael C. Hall has also taken home the prestigious Golden Globe Award.  Dexter continues to set records and we anticipate a spectacular finish to one of our favorite shows in a long time.

Dexter Season 8 Showtime's Original Series Season 8 Premier June 30th, 2013

Dexter Season 8 Finale June 30th On Showtime

As huge Dexter fans ourselves: We personally love the narrative style along with all the great Hollywood cameo’s of actors & actresses playing the part of Dexter’s Most Wanted Killers throughout any given season.  Showtime has announced their highly popular serial killer will be back in action on June 30th, 2013.  Season 8 is being dubbed as ‘The Final Symphony’ according to the Internet.

The Ultimate Question That No One Wants To Answer: Will Dexter Die?

It’s a shame that Dexter has to come to a close – But we are at the edge of our seats with excitement and have a ton of questions that need to be answered!  Will Dexter be able to find peace in time in order to save himself & everyone else around him?  Will his sister Deb. become a ‘Partner In Crime’ and help Dexter keep his secret safe forever?

Season 8 is going to be flat out nuts and we can not wait to see what the writers have in store for a finale.  Which was your favorite Dexter Season, Favorite ‘Good Guy’ Vs. ‘Bad-Guy’ Or Even Your Favorite: ‘Dexter Kill’ Of All Time?

We’d love to hear what you the fans think.  Let us know your opinions on the upcoming season & share any other fun Dexter stats, photos, creations or anything else you’d like to share with us.

Thanks again for reading & following our blog | Be sure to share, re-blog & tell your friends about Chicago Toy Shop 🙂

Leave us a comment & let your voice be heard!

DVD Tuesday Technology Update March 5th Jay and Silent Bob Go Down Under | Sim City Tomb Raider

In honor of  G4TV’s recent retirement of their once epic television programming with such shows as ‘Attack Of The Show’ and ‘X-Play’ – We will do our best to carry on the tradition of ‘DVD Tuesday’ as we highlight & go over some of our personal favorite video games and movies.

  1.  SimCity – For The PC | Rated E For Everyone
  2. Jay and Silent Bob Go Down Under – Now Available On Netflix
  3. Tomb Raider – For PC | Xbox 360 | PlayStation 3

Jay and Silent Bob Go Down Under On Netflix

We recently just watched the Jay and Silent Bob Go Down Under hour-long comedy special last night and we found it hilarious.  Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes are two of our favorite  ‘Nerd Role Models’.  They are seated at a table for about an hour and do a great job telling stories, jokes and interacting with the Australian crowd!  Be sure to check out Kevin Smith and his best buddy Jason Mewes as they travel across the world making people laugh & more importantly keeping Jason clean 🙂

From the articles and light research we’ve done on SimCity – It sounds like the game will be very intricate and challenging & that’s the way we like it!  With upgraded controls, graphics, attention to detail, building options, town upgrades and the overall progression of PC games as a whole – We are definitely pumped and ready for SimCity to release in less that 24 hours.  Looking for more SimCity reviews, videos, screen shots & inside information?  Then you might want to head on over to one of our favorite websites for video games, movies, and general nerd news & updates:  SimCity For The PC Via IGN

As for Tomb Raider – See our #3 ranking above to follow through on some IGN.Com reviews.  Odds are if you liked the old Tomb Raider video games. This latest rendition of Tomb Raider will almost certainly meet & surpass most ‘gamers’ expectations. From the casual Lara Croft fan – All the way to the Tomb Raider / Lara Croft online creep & ‘Real life secret admirer’.

Everyone is busy these days we get it; But it’s okay, Go grab you and your significant other (21+) some cold ones and kick your feet up because  you’ve fucking earned it! Everyone has at least 1-2 hours every a week to check out some great new video games & movies.

Well fellow Nerds and future super heroes … That it! Hope you liked our first list for March 4th 2013. Be sure to check back with us in the near future as we highlight other upcoming hit titles & don’t worry – We’ll be sure to throw in some cool gadgets & technology updates & news next time around.

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