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Here’s a video of behind the scenes exclusive  footage of some of our latest & greatest summer finds!!

Everyone that hunts garage sales, flea markets & collectibles should evaluate their own performance & give themselves a mid-summer half-time report + overall grade.  After a little bit of reminiscing over the past few months; We here at Chicago Toy Shop Video Games give ourselves all-around grade of B+ | We’ve come across = RARE Hamilton & Hawthorn Halloween Simpson Statues & We Are PUMPED!!

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The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time + Majora’s Mask Nintendo 64 Gold Video Games Chicago Toy Shop eBay Item Of The Week

The Legend Of Zelda Nintendo 64 Gold Video Game Lot

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CTS Nerd Alert Pokemon X And Y Review Video Games In The News Friday October 4th 2013

Let the Holiday shopping season officially begin!  (According to us here at Chicago Toy Shop, It’s always online shopping season!)  Pokemon fans are excited as ever as to get their Nerdy little paws  on Pokemon X And Y this fall & winter.

The evolution of this 15 year RPG is truly impressive.   The online social feature (With Wi-Fi) are great, Combo that with updated 3D graphics and a much smoother & faster game-play and we have another successful Pokemon video game launch!  The creators and development team did a wonderful job in creating another Pokemon masterpiece.

Like most RPG video games Pokemon X and Y can be intimidating, Have no fear … Chicago Toy Shop is here!  The element-based combat style is easy to get used to whether you’re a Noob or Veteran.  With the updated game speed you’ll be able to dive into the important stuff much quicker than before.  Sitting in the lobbies & tedious menu’s screens are now a thing of the past.  In the first hour or so you should be able to get your first gym badge and even some pretty bad-ass roller skates.

The updates to Mega Evolutions will certainly change the style of combat fighting.  These special transformations will make Pokemon battles much more strategic and random.  There are limitations on the Mega Evolution like before; You can only summon it once per battle and not everyone character has this ability.

The skills of the Pokemon characters have evolved to bring more variety and options straight to the battle field.  The online trading & training capabilities is what set this game apart from the rest.   You’ll need to play the game to experience the hidden gem behind the online training/trading Pokemon world, So stop reading this blog and start playing some Pokemon!!

If you’d like to relive some of your original Nintendo 64 Pokemon memories follow the link below.

Nintendo 64 Pokemon Snap | Pokemon Stadium | Pokemon Stadium 2 Collector’s Set

Nintendo 64 Pokemon Video Game Collectors Lot

Pokemon Video Games

Thanks for checking in with us again this week and good luck on all your latest & greatest Pokemon adventures!

Be sure to check back with us soon for more video game updates & reviews.

CTS Video Game Nerd Alert Courtesy Of: Chi City Collectibles N Toys | Chicago Toy Shop Team

Pokemon X and Y Video Trailer Sneak Peak -> Pokemon Trailer

Dexter Season 8 The Final Season The Final Symphony Dexter Showtime June 30th Season 8 Premiere

Dexter Morgan is one of our favorite television characters ever created.  Since the show first debuted in October 2006, Michael C. Hall and the rest of the ‘Miami Metro Police Team’ have been hunting down notorious serial killers & solving a lot of blood spatter puzzles along the way.  Whether you support or are against “Dexter’s Code’ … The votes are in:

Dexter and his crew have been nominated for 25 Emmy Awards, Winning 4 so far & Michael C. Hall has also taken home the prestigious Golden Globe Award.  Dexter continues to set records and we anticipate a spectacular finish to one of our favorite shows in a long time.

Dexter Season 8 Showtime's Original Series Season 8 Premier June 30th, 2013

Dexter Season 8 Finale June 30th On Showtime

As huge Dexter fans ourselves: We personally love the narrative style along with all the great Hollywood cameo’s of actors & actresses playing the part of Dexter’s Most Wanted Killers throughout any given season.  Showtime has announced their highly popular serial killer will be back in action on June 30th, 2013.  Season 8 is being dubbed as ‘The Final Symphony’ according to the Internet.

The Ultimate Question That No One Wants To Answer: Will Dexter Die?

It’s a shame that Dexter has to come to a close – But we are at the edge of our seats with excitement and have a ton of questions that need to be answered!  Will Dexter be able to find peace in time in order to save himself & everyone else around him?  Will his sister Deb. become a ‘Partner In Crime’ and help Dexter keep his secret safe forever?

Season 8 is going to be flat out nuts and we can not wait to see what the writers have in store for a finale.  Which was your favorite Dexter Season, Favorite ‘Good Guy’ Vs. ‘Bad-Guy’ Or Even Your Favorite: ‘Dexter Kill’ Of All Time?

We’d love to hear what you the fans think.  Let us know your opinions on the upcoming season & share any other fun Dexter stats, photos, creations or anything else you’d like to share with us.

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Microsoft Xbox Next Generation Console Announcement Confirmed For May 21st

Xbox fans everywhere are already going nuts over the latest Online Nerd Alert Reports: Tuesday May 31st Microsoft will officially announce their next generation video game console.  We can’t wait to see what technology will be used to create this game changing system.

The rumors of Xbox-Kinect being ‘included’ with every next generation console does have us a little worried about the average gamer being able to afford the new system right away.

So mark it down on your calendar like we already did: 36 1/2 Days Left Until May 31st

Microsoft Xbox Next Generation Console

Xbox Next Generation Console Microsoft Confirms Live Event May 31st

At 12:00 Central time here in Chicago, you can tune in live to catch the streaming video that will feature:

A New Generation Revealed. Be part of this historic online event, featuring a live stream, video, images, updates and more.

(According to Microsoft’s Official Facebook Page)

After all the weeks and months of dissecting rumors & reports: Microsoft has confirmed they will officially announce their ‘Next Gen Console On May 31st Streaming Online Live’

If you want to join the hype like we are & watch the epic event LIVE

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IGN Confirms: Microsoft Facebook May 31st Live Announcement

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The Start Up Kids DVD Movie Trailer Entrepreneur Documentary 2013

For many young entrepreneurs the path to success is often an up-hill & extremely bumpy ride.  “It’s like jumping off a cliff and building your own parachute.”  If you want to achieve success in today’s world – One must be able to think outside the box and fight for what they truly believe in.  Do you have what it takes to be a millionaire?

The Start Up Kids Guide To Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

The Start Up Kids Documentary 2013

Everyone’s definition of the word Entrepreneur is different, But the true; Die-hard Entrepreneur’s will usually risk it all until they either ‘Make It’ Or ‘Break It’.  We wish all the young start-up kids & future entrepreneur’s out there all the luck in the world.

As we listened to these young millionaire’s speak – We couldn’t help but notice a similar theme from most of theme: The importance to work smarter not always harder.   Be sure to Check out the official HD movie trailer for ‘The Start Up Kids’

We encourage all of you who are inspired by greatness to give this documentary a watch sooner rather than later!  It’s never to late to chase after your dream.  To contact us or share other motivation stories: Email us today: Info@ChicagoToyShop.Com

March Madness NCAA Bracket Challenge Mens 2013 March Madness Cinderella Teams

Day one is almost complete in the NCAA 2013 Men’s Basketball Tournament Challenge and March Madness is officially in full stride!  Whip out those two red & green colored highlighters and start marking up your sheet asap.

So far we’ve had a few close calls & mini upsets, but noting too major yet.  Louisville romped by 25+ all 2nd half & Michigan State proves once again they are ready to answer the call come March.  Now is the time for genuine basketball talent to shine & ‘Cinderella Teams’ to rise.

Gonzaga is a powerful number one seed but may have shown some insecurity by stumbling out of the gate.  Pac 10 winner Oregon climbed over Oklahoma State rather easily.

Butler, Marquette, Memphis, St. Louis & Witchita State have all moved on with some night gamesyet to finish.  We are looking forward to the next 72 hours of young talent & sports memories & buzzer beaters to last a life time.  Our personal Final Four prediction here at Chicago Toy Shop = OSU | Duke | Georgetown | Indiana

We like the Kansas Jayhawks & Louisville Cardinals led by Rick Pitino too also finish strong!!

NCAA Men's Hoops March Madness Online Bracket Predictions

Who do you have in the Final Four?

DVD Tuesday Technology Update March 5th Jay and Silent Bob Go Down Under | Sim City Tomb Raider

In honor of  G4TV’s recent retirement of their once epic television programming with such shows as ‘Attack Of The Show’ and ‘X-Play’ – We will do our best to carry on the tradition of ‘DVD Tuesday’ as we highlight & go over some of our personal favorite video games and movies.

  1.  SimCity – For The PC | Rated E For Everyone
  2. Jay and Silent Bob Go Down Under – Now Available On Netflix
  3. Tomb Raider – For PC | Xbox 360 | PlayStation 3

Jay and Silent Bob Go Down Under On Netflix

We recently just watched the Jay and Silent Bob Go Down Under hour-long comedy special last night and we found it hilarious.  Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes are two of our favorite  ‘Nerd Role Models’.  They are seated at a table for about an hour and do a great job telling stories, jokes and interacting with the Australian crowd!  Be sure to check out Kevin Smith and his best buddy Jason Mewes as they travel across the world making people laugh & more importantly keeping Jason clean 🙂

From the articles and light research we’ve done on SimCity – It sounds like the game will be very intricate and challenging & that’s the way we like it!  With upgraded controls, graphics, attention to detail, building options, town upgrades and the overall progression of PC games as a whole – We are definitely pumped and ready for SimCity to release in less that 24 hours.  Looking for more SimCity reviews, videos, screen shots & inside information?  Then you might want to head on over to one of our favorite websites for video games, movies, and general nerd news & updates:  SimCity For The PC Via IGN

As for Tomb Raider – See our #3 ranking above to follow through on some IGN.Com reviews.  Odds are if you liked the old Tomb Raider video games. This latest rendition of Tomb Raider will almost certainly meet & surpass most ‘gamers’ expectations. From the casual Lara Croft fan – All the way to the Tomb Raider / Lara Croft online creep & ‘Real life secret admirer’.

Everyone is busy these days we get it; But it’s okay, Go grab you and your significant other (21+) some cold ones and kick your feet up because  you’ve fucking earned it! Everyone has at least 1-2 hours every a week to check out some great new video games & movies.

Well fellow Nerds and future super heroes … That it! Hope you liked our first list for March 4th 2013. Be sure to check back with us in the near future as we highlight other upcoming hit titles & don’t worry – We’ll be sure to throw in some cool gadgets & technology updates & news next time around.

Shark Tank Friday’s On ABC Helps To Inspire and Create Million Dollar Business Opportunities For New Entrepreneurs … Do You Have Any Ideas – Products – Inventions You’d Like To Share?

It’s 4:59 Friday evening and you smell blood! All you want to do is fly out of work a few minutes early to beat the traffic as you zoom home like Dale Earnhardt Jr. and reunite with your long-lost couch that you haven’t seen in over 12 hours!  For a lot of hard-working adults; The daily grind & weekly paycheck is enough to keep them satisfied and quench their thirst.  After all – “Thank Goodness It’s Friday”

Shark Tank On ABC Friday's

Shark Tank Friday On ABC

Then there are us Sharks, We tend to-day dream from time to time and think a bit more outside the box than most. After all  – “Thank Goodness It’s Shark-Tank Friday!”

We race home to sit down on our computers & check if that website domain name is still available or if we can trademark the ingenious Fortune 500 company/Brand name we created and took notes on during our lunch break.  The possibilities are infinite and our passion & hunger for major success is most definitely imminent.

We are big fans of everyone on the ‘ABC’s Shark-Tank Panel’ and have found a lot of their expert thoughts & opinions are pretty spot on and helpful!

If you’d like to learn more about the Sharks and some of their best quotes; Be sure to check out the ABC.Com Shark Tank Tips article online.

In today’s global economy the fierce competition requires most entrepreneurs to have more than just one pretty good idea or product to truly make a major dent in the business world and most importantly – Their bank accounts.  As Mark Cuban often paraphrases on the show … “You’ve proven you can handle imitators and have shown us overall sustainability for your product(s); A very good first step in creating a successful business”

You can also follow them on Twitter as they live ‘Tweet’ & interact with some of their most die-hard Shark-tank fans during the show.

We personally suggest following some of the companies that appear on Shark-tank as well. The companies represented are usually up & coming start-up businesses that will often offer great deals & discounts online in order to have a successful early launch & get their name heard & seen online as much as possible.  We don’t have the official statistics in front of us – But we’d guess it’s about a 25% chance that your pitch could reel in a real life Shark if you can get your business on the show!

If you could make a deal with ONLY (1) Shark – Who would it be?

Do you have a great idea or invention?  Let your voice be heard | E-mail us today !!