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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Action Figures Maintain Star Status $ Turtle Power $

If you were born in the 1980’s like us – There is a high probability you either played with the classic 1988-1989 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figure line or dressed up as a ‘Ninja Turtle’ for Halloween.  (At least once)

‘The Turtles’ hit the scene in the late 1980’s and hit them hard!  Our personal top two turtles of all time = Raphael | Michelangelo | Even though Chicago Deep Dish Pizza = The #1 Pizza

Now it’s time for a TMNT Did you know? Raphael is the 2nd oldest Ninja Turtle.  According to his creators he was named after the 16th century Italian painter – Raphael.


Ninja Turtle Collectible Action Figures New In The Box

Raphael TMNT Fun Facts And Statistics:

Weapons: Sai Stick | Turtle Fist Daggers | Ninja Stars | Kama

Height: Approx: 5’2″ | Weight 177 lbs. Including His Shell

Shell: Built To Last Both In Cartoons + The Real World

Although Raphael may be know as the ‘Grumpy Turtle’ among both fans and collectors alike;  It is also a widely known and accepted that he is the ‘Strongest’ of all the Ninja Turtles.

If you were born in the 1980’s like us – There is a high probability you no longer have your TMNT figures still in their original box or have your ‘Ninja Turtle’ figures at all.

The debate for “Best Turtle Of All Time” is truly a tough one and we understand it takes a lot of ‘Nerd Power’ to choose only (1) None the less … Let your voice be heard fellow fans and collectors 🙂

– Who is your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle of all time?


Shark Tank Friday’s On ABC Helps To Inspire and Create Million Dollar Business Opportunities For New Entrepreneurs … Do You Have Any Ideas – Products – Inventions You’d Like To Share?

It’s 4:59 Friday evening and you smell blood! All you want to do is fly out of work a few minutes early to beat the traffic as you zoom home like Dale Earnhardt Jr. and reunite with your long-lost couch that you haven’t seen in over 12 hours!  For a lot of hard-working adults; The daily grind & weekly paycheck is enough to keep them satisfied and quench their thirst.  After all – “Thank Goodness It’s Friday”

Shark Tank On ABC Friday's

Shark Tank Friday On ABC

Then there are us Sharks, We tend to-day dream from time to time and think a bit more outside the box than most. After all  – “Thank Goodness It’s Shark-Tank Friday!”

We race home to sit down on our computers & check if that website domain name is still available or if we can trademark the ingenious Fortune 500 company/Brand name we created and took notes on during our lunch break.  The possibilities are infinite and our passion & hunger for major success is most definitely imminent.

We are big fans of everyone on the ‘ABC’s Shark-Tank Panel’ and have found a lot of their expert thoughts & opinions are pretty spot on and helpful!

If you’d like to learn more about the Sharks and some of their best quotes; Be sure to check out the ABC.Com Shark Tank Tips article online.

In today’s global economy the fierce competition requires most entrepreneurs to have more than just one pretty good idea or product to truly make a major dent in the business world and most importantly – Their bank accounts.  As Mark Cuban often paraphrases on the show … “You’ve proven you can handle imitators and have shown us overall sustainability for your product(s); A very good first step in creating a successful business”

You can also follow them on Twitter as they live ‘Tweet’ & interact with some of their most die-hard Shark-tank fans during the show.

We personally suggest following some of the companies that appear on Shark-tank as well. The companies represented are usually up & coming start-up businesses that will often offer great deals & discounts online in order to have a successful early launch & get their name heard & seen online as much as possible.  We don’t have the official statistics in front of us – But we’d guess it’s about a 25% chance that your pitch could reel in a real life Shark if you can get your business on the show!

If you could make a deal with ONLY (1) Shark – Who would it be?

Do you have a great idea or invention?  Let your voice be heard | E-mail us today !!

Face Off SyFy Season 4 Off To Hot Start – Who Will Win The Face Off Challenge In 2013?

One of our favorite new television shows that we highly recommend is Syfy Channel’s popular show ‘Face off’ – Which airs on Tuesday nights.  Next weeks episode “Bugging Out” looks amazing as usual and we are already counting down the days, hours and minutes until we get to tune in again live!

The contestants are highly trained hopefuls looking to make their wave in Hollywood and land a job in the special effects department.  They all feature a variety of creative and artistic skills in categories such as: Movie & t.v. character make-up & design, art & design, painting, sculpting; While they race against each other and the clock!SyFy Original Series Face Off

  • This week’s spotlight challenge had the contestants creating a mega monster requiring them to — “Create a character that had to be a giant in size with two heads. “
  • Aside from one or two highly questions decisions and messed-up looking monsters – We were blown away with some of the contestants creations and ability to create characters featuring thoughts and ideas we’ve never seen.

Our personal favorite you can find here: Eric & Kris SyFy Face Off Giant.  We are rooting for our home town contest Anthony from Chicago.If you’d like to catch up on some recent episodes from this season be sure to head on over to check it out!

Face off is close to an hour in length and often features some pretty cool guest judges as well. Overall we give a solid 8.5/10 and definitely worth the watch.  They have all the seasons available online and some on demand cable if you’d like to start watching from the beginning.

The Star Wars Franchise Looks To Disney and Others To Help Revive The Star Wars Movies – Star Wars Action Figures – Star Wars Video Games – Plus Everything Else In Between!

Star Wars has one of the most influential and powerful brand names in the world.  The global phenomenon that is Star Wars has dove into the collector universe heard first time and time again with the same overall result: Major Success!

Star Wars Shadows of the Empire Nintendo 64 Video Game

Star Wars Classic N64 Video Game

Personally, One $4 Billion dollar deal is enough proof for us. According to an online statement giving by Star Wars creator George Lucas in an NBC News Online Article, he was pretty cool, calm and collected when he was quoted saying: “It’s now time for me to pass ‘Star Wars’ on to a new generation of filmmakers.”  Thank you Mr. Lucas, from all of us here at ChicagoToyShop.Com & many other die-hard Star Wars fans around the world.

Disney has been rumored to be interested in trying to acquire the entire Star Wars franchise for a while now.  The Star Wars franchise as a whole continues to add bright minds to help reinvent their current image without losing the already established millions of fans that helped make Star Wars collectibles some of the most sought after online treasures known to man.

Chances are you’ve seen a Star Wars Movie, played with a Star Wars Action Figure, challenged yourself with some Star Wars Lego as a child, Or perhaps you recently bought a piece of Star Wars History on eBay.Com.

For those looking to satisfy more than one Star Wars itch at once – We have to suggest renting or buying Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars – For the xBox 360 or Nintendo Wii.

We have been playing it ourselves on the xBox 360 for about 2-3 days now and give it a solid 8.5/10 overall rating in categories such as: overall game play, visuals, story and re-play value just to name a few.  The ability to play with together with friends and family makes this a great game for both kids and adults to enjoy for years to come.

As of now, the next Star Wars Movie is set to launch first in 2015.  Although the original Star Wars films are all fantastic for the most part – We are overjoyed with the chance for them to change it up a bit and satisfy our reckless needs for new Star Wars characters, weapons, technology, answers and a whole lot more crazy nerd ideas we personally can’t even think of.

As a team we are at the edge of our seats with Star Wars mania, anticipation and optimism for what Disney and J.J. Abrams will bring to the ‘Star Wars Table’ in the very near future! Bonus: Star Wars “Nerd Knowledge”

Video Game Rumors Begin To Swirl Again With xBox 720 and PlayStation 4 Next Generation Video Game Consoles Launching In 2013

Every year it seems like we hear rumors about the next generation consoles gearing up for their new launch.  Video game fans and enthusiasts around the globe are at the edge of their seat waiting to spend their hard-earned money on the next best thing.  While the last round of video game systems beat most users expectations; we hope video game fans & users will continue to let their voice be heard &  hold these video game giants to the highest of standards.

  • Will 2013 finally be the year Xbox & PlayStation release their next video game system?
  • Will the Xbox 720 require an internet connection at all times?
  • Does the Xbox 720 come with Blu-ray features?
  • Which system will launch first?
  • Will the average consumer be able to afford it?
Xbox 720 PlayStation 4 Video Game Next Gen Console Rumors

Xbox 720 Vs PlayStation 4

According to and other sources, Sony should announce their ideas at their next big event in New York City on February 20th, 2013.  This is exciting news dedicated online gamer’s & nerds such as ourselves.  Most of us here at are looking forward to the Xbox console, but we certainly do respect what PlayStation brings to the table.

What system would you buy if they all came out on the same day, at the same time & for the same exact price?

Looking To Buy | Sell | Trade | Contact Us Today!

Call of Duty Black Ops II Revolution DLC Hits The Xbox 360 With A Boom!

Video game enthusiasts and Call of Duty fans everywhere are overjoyed with the latest Call Of Duty Black Ops II Revolution Downloadable Content (DLC) update recently launched for the Xbox 360 on January 29th, 2013.

The highly anticipated game update features four new multiplayer maps, a new-never before seen sub machine gun weapon and the ability to play as a Zombie for the very first time!

Activision and the rest of the Call of Duty creators did a terrific job creating a whole new set of map packs and enticing bonuses that include:

CallofdutyworldglobeHydro:  A huge dam facility located somewhere in Pakistan.  This level features numerous long vantage points and places to take cover. Some would say Hydro is a “Snipers Dream Level.”

  • Downhill: (Our personal favorite)  This level allows players of all style to engage in a wild battle in the snow.  Look out for the moving ski lifts … They tend to kill whoever they run into!
  • Mirage: Asian inspired villa that has been abandoned due to crazy sand storms.  Perhaps the most creative and unique of all the new levels.  This map is perfect for all game modes as well as game styles.  Mirage is currently in the lead for best graphics for a single level available for Black Ops II.
  • Grind: Skate park located in Venice beach.  This level has some truly beautiful scenery and features more places than you can think of to play “hide and seek” with your enemies with. Grind has tons of different ramps, stairs and rails.  Overall, it creates for a very scary level and forces competitors to have a lot of close one on one battles!  Grind’s rounded and curved ramps and sharp angles makes for quick turns and fast western style gun draws between foes.  Be sure to be on high alert if you want to win the gold in this chaotic west coast skate park Call of Duty level.

Don’t believe us yet?

Check it out for yourself on YouTube here –>> Call of Duty Black Ops II Revolution Video Trailer.

  • New Sub Machine Gun: Peace Keeper SMG; Sub Machine gun with a fast and accurate shot; but hardcore players may want to increase the damage level in order to unlock the full potential of this “Peacekeeper” gun.
  • Zombie Mode Updates:  Call of Duty Black Ops II Zombie mode now features three different ways to play.  Players can fight an endless supply of zombies in Survival Mode, Discover the mysteries of a decaying Earth in Tranzit Mode or players can dive into the brand new last-human-standing mode.

If you’d like to challenge one of us online in Call of Duty Black Ops II: Contact Us Today – Info@ChicagoToyShop.Com Someone from our team will meet you for a battle on Xbox 360 Live soon!

Thanks again to all our fans and the continued support. Game on!