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Floyd Mayweather Vs Canelo Alvarez Boxing PPV History Las Vegas The Money Team Golden Boy Boxing September 14th 2013

Mayweather Vs Canelo Fight Night in Las Vegas is finally here!!  The two boxers have combined for 87 professional fights and neither boxer has tasted defeat, But On September 14th, 2013… One of them will!  We here at Chicago Toy Shop represent ‘The Money Team’ & believe the undefeated champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. will rise again.  $$ It’s going to be Tough fought-long fight But “All work is easy work!!” according to TMT $$

According to early reports and Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer, The fight will most certainly crush the previous PPV sales record of $136,000,000 buys.  Tonight’s historic U.S.A. Vs. Mexico fight is estimated to bring in $200,000,000+ in Pay-Per-View buys; Even with the increase to $65.00 and $75.00 for HD Live programming.  Keep in mind that there are other fights tonight and this under-card is packed with star power.

Who do you think will win tonight’s Main Event Mayweather Vs. Alvarez fight in the famous Las Vegas MGM Grand?

Thanks again for checking in with us this weekend & enjoy the fight!!

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I want thaaat (46 Photos)

Start Your Weekend Off Right With #TheChive 45+ I Want That items & photos that is definitely worth your time. Enjoy & Have a great weekend shopping.
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eBay Item Of The Week Bart Simpson School Backpack Carry Suitcase The Simpsons Collectibles & Toys Chicago Toy Shop eBay Store

One of our favorite quotes of all time = “Knowledge is power.”  The Simpson’s may not be the smartest family but they sure do have awesome back to school items!!  Bart always knew how to looks fashionable and blend in with most of the kids at Springfield Elementary over the years, – Take a page out of ‘Bart’s Book’ and travel in this fall & winter season.

Bart Simpson Backpack Suitcase eBay Top Rated Online Chicago Toy Shop Store

The Simpsons back to school Bart Simpson travel bag

Bart Simpson Blue Collectible Backpack Travel Bag and Carry On Suitcase

This bag features wheels & pull-out handle for easy carry and travel.  It’s about 1.5  – 2 feet in size.  Comes with original tag & looks pretty good overall.  The bag is blue & orange with Bart Simpson doing his classic skateboarding tricks on his way to school.   (Hint: Remember kids … Stay In School !!)

Be sure to check out all our hot new items.  More rare & hard to find collectibles, games & toys coming soon!!

Thanks for checking in with us again this week & good luck shopping!

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Mine Craft Top 10 Tricks And Hints To Becoming A Pro + Mine Craft New Update For The xBox 360

The new Mine Craft update for the xBox 360 is officially live!  Million’s of  ‘Gamers’ have downloaded Mine Craft for the Xbox 360 and for damn good reason!  We ourselves are huge fans; First joining the massive online world about 9 months ago.  New players continue to join every second and it’s pretty easy to see why … Mine Craft purely dominates.

We continue to do our Mine Craft research thanks to all the dedicated nerds & online resources out there.  Our main goal is to help you stay alive – But we also want you to know some of the coolest ways to stay alive along with mini tips & hints that might just change the way you look at how you play Mine Craft.

Mine Craft Xbox 360

Mine Craft Xbox 360 News & Updates

(Remember: There is no wrong way to play Mine Craft and that’s what makes it so unique & perfect for so many people … It’s your own world: Your own way!)

Now for some juicy tips & tricks to help keep you alive longer.

First let’s start with the power of torches.  I know it seems simple, but don’t be afraid to sprinkle!  This translates to spread your torches out as you travel so you don’t get lost or get eaten by creepers and spiders when you don’t have to.  (Burn some wood on wood action to produce charcoal for the torches; Wood & wood-planks create the torch stick handle.)

Once you’ve mastered the basics of the torch there are a few quick tips that can make your life last longer & more efficient.

1.) Use torches to your advantage | Spread them more often than not.

2.) Torches can be used to build on top of to save time & resources while forcing you to use more light in your structures (Make sure you have the right angle and you can create some stunning visuals)

3.) Under water survival. Place one on a block & it will create a temporary air bubble that you can refill your oxygen with long enough to allow you to surface in time.

4.) Chuck a torch at the bottom of a sand stack or gravel and watch it crumble! Easy and quick if you want to destroy some previously built stairs or secret entrances or exits.

Las Vegas Sign Minecraft

5.) Sings and ladders can help stop water and lava in a hurry!  If you have the guts; This will allow you to explore with underwater houses & lava layers!

6.) One lava bucket can fuel a furnace for 1,000 seconds & can cook 1,000 items in a furnace.  (Basically anything made out of wood such as the jukebox, bookshelves, chests, & trap doors to fuel the furnace as well)

7.) Throughout survival mode you’ll need to learn the fastest way to break down a resource.  Here’s a few helpful hints on items you may come across on the regular -> Swords break melons & Cacti the best | Axes are best for ‘Smashing Pumpkins’ & lastly don’t forget to dig dirt with a shovel; Don’t waste your better tools on DIRT!

8.) Flower Boat Pots: Plant a flower first, Then a wooden boat directly on top of it.  The boat will sink into the ground & become a nice planter.  (Mainly a visual advantage; But under the right circumstance you can plant a tree or garden anywhere with one square of dirt for a quick boost)

9.) Set your spawn. Make yourself a nice bed in order to stay alive & save your spawn spot.  3 wool pieces and 3 wooden planks is all you need to complete your bed structure.  Sleep tight … Don’t let the spiders & creepers bite!!

Gold Egyptian Mine Craft Layer Wow

10.) Worst case; Always have a torch!!  Bring at least (1) torch with you and you can simply dig down 3 squares and your safe.  Put a torch down there or you might just scare yourself into popping back out into the world prematurely.  (It takes a long time to make the clock; But if you can create the Mine Craft time clock it will make your day & night trips way more safe & efficient in the long run.

These sneaky helpful tips & tricks should help get you started; Of course don’t be an ignorant ‘Noob’ … There are still plenty of new updates and ways to accomplish different goals throughout the game.

Have some tips of your own you didn’t see in the article?

Please let us know | We’d love to hear from true Mine Craft pro’s and fans everywhere!!

Check out IGN.Com the video for an in-depth look and extra videos.

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