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March Madness NCAA Bracket Challenge Mens 2013 March Madness Cinderella Teams

Day one is almost complete in the NCAA 2013 Men’s Basketball Tournament Challenge and March Madness is officially in full stride!  Whip out those two red & green colored highlighters and start marking up your sheet asap.

So far we’ve had a few close calls & mini upsets, but noting too major yet.  Louisville romped by 25+ all 2nd half & Michigan State proves once again they are ready to answer the call come March.  Now is the time for genuine basketball talent to shine & ‘Cinderella Teams’ to rise.

Gonzaga is a powerful number one seed but may have shown some insecurity by stumbling out of the gate.  Pac 10 winner Oregon climbed over Oklahoma State rather easily.

Butler, Marquette, Memphis, St. Louis & Witchita State have all moved on with some night gamesyet to finish.  We are looking forward to the next 72 hours of young talent & sports memories & buzzer beaters to last a life time.  Our personal Final Four prediction here at Chicago Toy Shop = OSU | Duke | Georgetown | Indiana

We like the Kansas Jayhawks & Louisville Cardinals led by Rick Pitino too also finish strong!!

NCAA Men's Hoops March Madness Online Bracket Predictions

Who do you have in the Final Four?