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Nintendo has dominated the video game arena since the day my brother and I were born.

My brother and I grew during what we consider the golden age of gaming.  We saw the Atari console with pong, pitfall and other classic games first hand. I’m 28 so I can barely remember it; However, I do remember sitting mesmerized by the television screen and the madness that occurred! Obviously the console that made the biggest splash in our childhood memory bank was the NES.

We simply could not get enough of games like Super Mario Bros. | Rampage | Tiger Heli | Tecmo Bowl + More!  Nintendo continues to prove why it’s all about the brand name = Mario.

We love to Play Nintendo | Collect Nintendo | Talk Nintendo | Fight Over Nintendo | Pretty much anything NINTENDO!

Super Mario Maker Nintendo Video Game

Mario Maker might just be the greatest video game off all time.  September 11th, Fans will finally be able to get their hands on this highly publicized game. Finally let’s all applaud Nintendo by giving the power to the fans. Possibilities are endless!

Game On | Nintendo | Nerd Alert | Mario Maker | NES | Super Nintendo | SNES | Nintendo 64 | N64 | Super Mario Maker


Fantasy Football Online Money League Challenge | 2015 Fantasy Football Online Money Leagues | NFL Fantasy Football News And Updates

No more Sunday’s without Football!!!

Join us for an online fantasy football league for a chance for REAL cash prizes!!

Fantasy Football Online Money League | Auction

Fantasy Football Online Money Leagues!!

Best Online Pay Outs Online | Good Luck Football Fans

We Look Forward To Playing Our Fans | Customers

Team Name: Stone Cold University

Chicago Toy Shop eBay Store Online Shopping Tour Chicago Toy Shop Blog Youtube Toy Tour

Here’s a fun summer video for the fans and collectors. Tons of NEW | RARE items!!

NFL Announces Tom Brady’s 4 Game Suspension Upheld New England Patriots News Conference On Inside NFL Training Camp

Tom Brady is out until week 6 of the NFL.

What does this mean for the NFL?

The Patriots?

Fantasy Football Owners?

of the New England Patriots of the Oakland Raiders during the game at Gillette Stadium on September 21, 2014 in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

Our guess … Tom Brady comes out firing 4 TD’s per game as he leads NE to another Division Title.

We have listed the New England Patriots first 6 weeks below.

Thurs., September 10 Pittsburgh 8:30 p.m. ET WHDH / NBC
Sun., September 20 at Buffalo 1:00 p.m. ET WBZ / CBS
Sun., September 27 Jacksonville 1:00 p.m. ET WBZ / CBS
Oct. 4 BYE
Sun., October 11 at Dallas* 4:25 p.m. ET WBZ / CBS
Sun., October 18 at Indianapolis* 8:30 p.m. ET WHDH / NBC

Chicago Toy Shop Online eBay Store Chicago Toy Shop Blog Chicago Toy Shop Buy | Sell | Trade | Contact Us Today

The Chicago Toy Shop team is back!!

It has been a long couple of months of hunting, picking, cleaning, testing and most of all traveling!!

We are finally back to work at launching new inventory daily | Check out our new video for some of the highlights!!

We have over 750+ Listed Lots currently for sale and that number continues to climb!

Shout out to all our fans and collectors that continue to show support and shop with us. We appreciate you all!

~ Chicago Toy Shop Team ~

Chicago Toy Shop Kid Robot Homer Simpson Silver 25th Anniversary Figure Chicago Toy Hunter FUTURAMA Collectible Lot

It’s Christmas in July!!

Here at Chicago Toy Shop we try to grab all the inventory we can while keeping it as well-rounded as possible.  That being said… Most of our collectibles are in great condition and most importantly they look pretty damn cool!!  This set of (3) Kid Robot Large 6″ + 7″ Figures were just updated July 26th, So be sure to grab these sexy large toys while supplies last!!

Kid Robot Collectible Figures

Kid Robot Collectible Vinyl Figures The Simpsons FUTURAMA


We have a new batch of 20+ Kid Robot figures coming the first week of August! Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to hook you up =)

We offer variety packs, exclusive repeat buyer discounts, free bonuses with purchases over $100.

Contact us today for all your collectible needs = Toys | Video Games | Action Figures

Chicago Toy Shop Video Games

Memorial Day Weekend Kid Robot Sale Chicago Toy Shop Mini Figures The Simpsons South Park Family Guy Futurama Fox Sunday’s

Every Sunday we like to feature a sale on our Sunday line up of collectibles.

This week we have the perfect Fox Sunday’s T.V. line up of collectibles via Kid Robot.

The Simpsons | Futurama | South Park | Family Guy

Fun 6 Inch KidRobotDevilViewFB


The Simpsons Halloween Train Of Terror Collectible Statue Figures Set Chicago Toy Shop eBay Online Store ChicagoToyShop

We have been hard at work all winter and spring to bring you the best collectibles we can find.

We apologize for the mini delay in between posts but we feel all the fans and collector’s out there will be more than pleased with what we have brought back from our long-awaited journey.

The Chicago Toy Shop Team will be launching new high quality toys, video games and collectibles and summer long.
Starting with more Simpson’s collectibles. The Halloween Train Of Terror set made by Hamilton, in 2005. They all come with their original certificate of authenticity and are in great overall cosmetic condition.

We purchased these from a serious collector so you know they are in great colorful condition.  Be sure to check out our links below to see the updated pictures. We ship fast & free in the U.S.A. and take great care of our treasures.

Let us know what you are looking for this summer and we’ll do our best to hunt it down!

Thanks for the patience & continued support all winter long =)

The Simpson’s Comic Book Man | Bart Simpson | Lisa Simpson | “The Original Great Pumpkin!”

The Simpsons Halloween Train Of Train Statues

The Simpson’s Train Of Terror Halloween Set

The Simpson’s Halloween Hamilton Train Of Train Set | eBay | Pay Pal | Chicago Toy Shop Team

I want thaaat (46 Photos)

Start Your Weekend Off Right With #TheChive 45+ I Want That items & photos that is definitely worth your time. Enjoy & Have a great weekend shopping.
Chi City Collectibles N Toys Team
Chicago Toy Shop

Why So Serious? The Joker Action Figure And Collectible Joker Cycle: Batman Collectible Action Figures And Toys

With over 4 Million hits on You Tube: “Why so serious?” Is easily one of the most bone-chilling lines from one of Batman’s most unpredictable enemies know as: The Joker

Throughout the Batman franchise there has been plenty of amazing characters & villains.  It’s pretty difficult not to pick Batman as your # 1 – So tossing Bruce Wayne out  the window – We have to go with The Joker for our next in line for the # 1 most influential Batman character ever created.


The Joker has been most notably played by Jack Nicholson & Heath Ledger (R.I.P. 1979-2008) & the classic Cesar Romero.  Which Joker version did you like better?  This was a tough decision: There are plenty of other classic Batman characters – We’d love to hear from you on who your favorite ‘Batman Character Of All Time Is’?

We enjoyed ‘The Dark Knight’ trilogy & the rest of the Hollywood Batman movies.  They all feature entertaining characters, exciting plots, visual effects, new gadgets, scenery, hidden doorways, explosions, lovers, friends, training scenarios, battles & a wide variety of Bat-Mobiles & Bat-Vehicles.

We are huge super hero fans here at Chicago Toy Shop and love anything to do with Batman.  Nerds everywhere let your voice be heard: Who is your favorite Batman Villain Of All Time?

 Batman Collectibles  | Chicago Toy Shop Online eBay Store | Batman Toys & Collectible Action Figures