The Simpsons Halloween Train Of Terror Collectible Statue Figures Set Chicago Toy Shop eBay Online Store ChicagoToyShop

We have been hard at work all winter and spring to bring you the best collectibles we can find.

We apologize for the mini delay in between posts but we feel all the fans and collector’s out there will be more than pleased with what we have brought back from our long-awaited journey.

The Chicago Toy Shop Team will be launching new high quality toys, video games and collectibles and summer long.
Starting with more Simpson’s collectibles. The Halloween Train Of Terror set made by Hamilton, in 2005. They all come with their original certificate of authenticity and are in great overall cosmetic condition.

We purchased these from a serious collector so you know they are in great colorful condition.  Be sure to check out our links below to see the updated pictures. We ship fast & free in the U.S.A. and take great care of our treasures.

Let us know what you are looking for this summer and we’ll do our best to hunt it down!

Thanks for the patience & continued support all winter long =)

The Simpson’s Comic Book Man | Bart Simpson | Lisa Simpson | “The Original Great Pumpkin!”

The Simpsons Halloween Train Of Train Statues

The Simpson’s Train Of Terror Halloween Set

The Simpson’s Halloween Hamilton Train Of Train Set | eBay | Pay Pal | Chicago Toy Shop Team


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