Why So Serious? The Joker Action Figure And Collectible Joker Cycle: Batman Collectible Action Figures And Toys

With over 4 Million hits on You Tube: “Why so serious?” Is easily one of the most bone-chilling lines from one of Batman’s most unpredictable enemies know as: The Joker

Throughout the Batman franchise there has been plenty of amazing characters & villains.  It’s pretty difficult not to pick Batman as your # 1 – So tossing Bruce Wayne out  the window – We have to go with The Joker for our next in line for the # 1 most influential Batman character ever created.


The Joker has been most notably played by Jack Nicholson & Heath Ledger (R.I.P. 1979-2008) & the classic Cesar Romero.  Which Joker version did you like better?  This was a tough decision: There are plenty of other classic Batman characters – We’d love to hear from you on who your favorite ‘Batman Character Of All Time Is’?

We enjoyed ‘The Dark Knight’ trilogy & the rest of the Hollywood Batman movies.  They all feature entertaining characters, exciting plots, visual effects, new gadgets, scenery, hidden doorways, explosions, lovers, friends, training scenarios, battles & a wide variety of Bat-Mobiles & Bat-Vehicles.

We are huge super hero fans here at Chicago Toy Shop and love anything to do with Batman.  Nerds everywhere let your voice be heard: Who is your favorite Batman Villain Of All Time?

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