Face Off SyFy Season 4 Off To Hot Start – Who Will Win The Face Off Challenge In 2013?

One of our favorite new television shows that we highly recommend is Syfy Channel’s popular show ‘Face off’ – Which airs on Tuesday nights.  Next weeks episode “Bugging Out” looks amazing as usual and we are already counting down the days, hours and minutes until we get to tune in again live!

The contestants are highly trained hopefuls looking to make their wave in Hollywood and land a job in the special effects department.  They all feature a variety of creative and artistic skills in categories such as: Movie & t.v. character make-up & design, art & design, painting, sculpting; While they race against each other and the clock!SyFy Original Series Face Off

  • This week’s spotlight challenge had the contestants creating a mega monster requiring them to — “Create a character that had to be a giant in size with two heads. “
  • Aside from one or two highly questions decisions and messed-up looking monsters – We were blown away with some of the contestants creations and ability to create characters featuring thoughts and ideas we’ve never seen.

Our personal favorite you can find here: Eric & Kris SyFy Face Off Giant.  We are rooting for our home town contest Anthony from Chicago.If you’d like to catch up on some recent episodes from this season be sure to head on over to SyFy.com check it out!

Face off is close to an hour in length and often features some pretty cool guest judges as well. Overall we give a solid 8.5/10 and definitely worth the watch.  They have all the seasons available online and some on demand cable if you’d like to start watching from the beginning.


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