Video Game Rumors Begin To Swirl Again With xBox 720 and PlayStation 4 Next Generation Video Game Consoles Launching In 2013

Every year it seems like we hear rumors about the next generation consoles gearing up for their new launch.  Video game fans and enthusiasts around the globe are at the edge of their seat waiting to spend their hard-earned money on the next best thing.  While the last round of video game systems beat most users expectations; we hope video game fans & users will continue to let their voice be heard &  hold these video game giants to the highest of standards.

  • Will 2013 finally be the year Xbox & PlayStation release their next video game system?
  • Will the Xbox 720 require an internet connection at all times?
  • Does the Xbox 720 come with Blu-ray features?
  • Which system will launch first?
  • Will the average consumer be able to afford it?
Xbox 720 PlayStation 4 Video Game Next Gen Console Rumors

Xbox 720 Vs PlayStation 4

According to and other sources, Sony should announce their ideas at their next big event in New York City on February 20th, 2013.  This is exciting news dedicated online gamer’s & nerds such as ourselves.  Most of us here at are looking forward to the Xbox console, but we certainly do respect what PlayStation brings to the table.

What system would you buy if they all came out on the same day, at the same time & for the same exact price?

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  1. As a Sony fanboy, I’d be straight on the PS4 bandwagon. Although I’m expecting it to be the inferior console. Microsoft forced Sonys hand by having their console sport 8gb of RAM, which had it not been for the early spec leaks, would never have happened. However, if Microsoft get the price right, I may be persuaded to part ways with Sony.

    • Well said!!

      – We agree that Sony’s hand was a bit forced, but they are a mega giant themselves & they’ve had years to figure out the best strategy / technology possible. PlayStation’s Blu Ray decision was a semi-bold & risky in the long run ++ The overall $$ pt which you bring up is still up for grabs on whether Xbox or PS4 will be the cheaper console.

      – This is a fun debate that certainly go on for days 🙂 I think the best options is to just figure out a way to get them both !! How? Time will tell LOL

      – Our favorite video games of all time are the Nintendo brands tho :/ Nintendo will always have our heart = #MarioForLife What’s your favorite game of all time? (Mario64 top 3 for sure)

      Video Game Fun Question:
      – Would you &/Or any friends/family ever be interested in setting up a international online gaming tournament, featuring both systems?

      – We’d set it up & sponsor the event w/ Mini prizes, t-shirts, etc.. dollars & our eBay store:

      Let us know what you think & we appreciate the continued support & comments!! Keep them coming 🙂

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