Call of Duty Black Ops II Revolution DLC Hits The Xbox 360 With A Boom!

Video game enthusiasts and Call of Duty fans everywhere are overjoyed with the latest Call Of Duty Black Ops II Revolution Downloadable Content (DLC) update recently launched for the Xbox 360 on January 29th, 2013.

The highly anticipated game update features four new multiplayer maps, a new-never before seen sub machine gun weapon and the ability to play as a Zombie for the very first time!

Activision and the rest of the Call of Duty creators did a terrific job creating a whole new set of map packs and enticing bonuses that include:

CallofdutyworldglobeHydro:  A huge dam facility located somewhere in Pakistan.  This level features numerous long vantage points and places to take cover. Some would say Hydro is a “Snipers Dream Level.”

  • Downhill: (Our personal favorite)  This level allows players of all style to engage in a wild battle in the snow.  Look out for the moving ski lifts … They tend to kill whoever they run into!
  • Mirage: Asian inspired villa that has been abandoned due to crazy sand storms.  Perhaps the most creative and unique of all the new levels.  This map is perfect for all game modes as well as game styles.  Mirage is currently in the lead for best graphics for a single level available for Black Ops II.
  • Grind: Skate park located in Venice beach.  This level has some truly beautiful scenery and features more places than you can think of to play “hide and seek” with your enemies with. Grind has tons of different ramps, stairs and rails.  Overall, it creates for a very scary level and forces competitors to have a lot of close one on one battles!  Grind’s rounded and curved ramps and sharp angles makes for quick turns and fast western style gun draws between foes.  Be sure to be on high alert if you want to win the gold in this chaotic west coast skate park Call of Duty level.

Don’t believe us yet?

Check it out for yourself on YouTube here –>> Call of Duty Black Ops II Revolution Video Trailer.

  • New Sub Machine Gun: Peace Keeper SMG; Sub Machine gun with a fast and accurate shot; but hardcore players may want to increase the damage level in order to unlock the full potential of this “Peacekeeper” gun.
  • Zombie Mode Updates:  Call of Duty Black Ops II Zombie mode now features three different ways to play.  Players can fight an endless supply of zombies in Survival Mode, Discover the mysteries of a decaying Earth in Tranzit Mode or players can dive into the brand new last-human-standing mode.

If you’d like to challenge one of us online in Call of Duty Black Ops II: Contact Us Today – Info@ChicagoToyShop.Com Someone from our team will meet you for a battle on Xbox 360 Live soon!

Thanks again to all our fans and the continued support. Game on!


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  1. I was disappointed to learn that yet again, after the promise of the end of the Microsoft exclusivity deal held on the COD franchise that the PS3 would be a month behind in receiving this DLC. Having said that, if nothing more, the wait only serves to whet my appetite.

    Nice touch allowing followers to join you in a friendly/non friendly game of KillConfirmed or Domination though 🙂

    • We certainly agree, It’s a shame they don’t launch the DLC simultaneously for all platforms. Yes, i’d be counting down the days on my calender as well, you won’t be disappointed if you’re satisfied with the overall game-play so far!

      Thanks for the post. Let us know if you’re on Xbox 360 & we’ll try and getting a game going soon. NFL Super Bowl weekend = Lots of food + Lots of video games 🙂 Go Ravens!!

      • In a perfect world, games would be developed separately for each console not created for one then ported over. That’s why they need the extra month I suppose.

        I am looking forward to it though. Even though it is only 3 months into its life cycle, it needs something to give it a bit of a refresh.

        Sadly, though I own a 360, the only games I have for it are Fable 2 and COD 4. It’s mainly used for Netflix and such. But thanks for the offer anyway.

        Oooo, I am rooting for the 49ers…sorry 😛
        I never normally watch AmF, but the 49ers scored me a win in December 😀

        Hope you have a good night anyway.

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