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Here’s a video of behind the scenes exclusive  footage of some of our latest & greatest summer finds!!

Everyone that hunts garage sales, flea markets & collectibles should evaluate their own performance & give themselves a mid-summer half-time report + overall grade.  After a little bit of reminiscing over the past few months; We here at Chicago Toy Shop Video Games give ourselves all-around grade of B+ | We’ve come across = RARE Hamilton & Hawthorn Halloween Simpson Statues & We Are PUMPED!!

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We want to know what your all time favorite thing to collect??

Our small dedicated team is hard at work hunting down the most ultra-rare treasures we can find :)

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Memorial Day Weekend Kid Robot Sale Chicago Toy Shop Mini Figures The Simpsons South Park Family Guy Futurama Fox Sunday’s

Every Sunday we like to feature a sale on our Sunday line up of collectibles.

This week we have the perfect Fox Sunday’s T.V. line up of collectibles via Kid Robot.

The Simpsons | Futurama | South Park | Family Guy

Fun 6 Inch KidRobotDevilViewFB


The Simpsons Halloween Train Of Terror Collectible Statue Figures Set Chicago Toy Shop eBay Online Store ChicagoToyShop

We have been hard at work all winter and spring to bring you the best collectibles we can find.

We apologize for the mini delay in between posts but we feel all the fans and collector’s out there will be more than pleased with what we have brought back from our long-awaited journey.

The Chicago Toy Shop Team will be launching new high quality toys, video games and collectibles and summer long.
Starting with more Simpson’s collectibles. The Halloween Train Of Terror set made by Hamilton, in 2005. They all come with their original certificate of authenticity and are in great overall cosmetic condition.

We purchased these from a serious collector so you know they are in great colorful condition.  Be sure to check out our links below to see the updated pictures. We ship fast & free in the U.S.A. and take great care of our treasures.

Let us know what you are looking for this summer and we’ll do our best to hunt it down!

Thanks for the patience & continued support all winter long =)

The Simpson’s Comic Book Man | Bart Simpson | Lisa Simpson | “The Original Great Pumpkin!”

The Simpsons Halloween Train Of Train Statues

The Simpson’s Train Of Terror Halloween Set

The Simpson’s Halloween Hamilton Train Of Train Set | eBay | Pay Pal | Chicago Toy Shop Team

The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time + Majora’s Mask Nintendo 64 Gold Video Games Chicago Toy Shop eBay Item Of The Week

The Legend Of Zelda Nintendo 64 Gold Video Game Lot

Saturday Night Live Justin Timberlake Jimmy Fallon Take It On Down To WrappenVille SNL Christmas Show December 21st 2013

Saturday Night Live Justin Timberlake + Jimmy Fallon

WrappenVille Christmas Holiday Special December 21st, 2013

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Chicago Toy Shop eBay Item Of The Week Kid Robot FUTURAMA Devil Robot 6″ Collectible Action Figure

In honor of the holiday season … We’d like to give you guys a quick update.  Kid Robot figures are now in stock – Along with Boxed Nintendo 64 Video Games.  Zelda, Donkey Kong, Mario + A whole lot more. Let us know what you’re looking for & we’ll do our best to hunt it down.

FUTURAMA Kid Robot Devil Robot 6″

FUTURAMA Kid Robot Devil Robot 6" Brand New Collectible Figure

Kid Robot Devil Robot NIB

Thanks again to all our fans, customers & supporters.

We love what we do & couldn’t do it without you =)

Happy Holiday’s From The Entire Chicago Toy Shop Team

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The New Amazing Spiderman 2 Movie Trailer In Theaters May 2014

Nerd Alert = The Amazing Spiderman 2 is set to release Summer 2014!!

We are definitely excited for another potential “Blockbuster” super-hero movie but we’re also curious to see if Marvel or DC will produce the most quality run of movies over the next several years.  … Only time will tell … Enjoy fans!

We want to know your thoughts? Spider-Man Vs. OsCorp?

Hunger Games Catching Fire Set To Break Records At The Box Office This Weekend As The Victor’s Tour Games Are Set To Begin!

The Hunger Catching Fire is set break box office records once again as it will almost certainly scorch any other competition this weekend.  So go bust out that wallet and enjoy some Buttery popcorn, Extra snacks & drink of choice as you feast your eyes on another blockbuster masterpiece this Holiday Season.

The film begins with Jennifer Lawrence AKA Katniss Everdeen returning home safe after just winning the 74th Annual Hunger Games.  Her partner in crime Peeta Mellark &  close enemy Liam Hemsworth both return among others to join Katniss as they are forced to fight for their lives once again in the 75th Annual “Victor’s Tour”.

The 2nd installment of Hunger Games  - A Lions Gate Film features a new director: Francis Lawrence

The reviews are positive for the most part & most critics agree that this movie has a chance to surpass the $175 Million dollar opening weekend.  The first Hunger Games did not disappoint  in the long run. (Although we didn’t love the computer generated killer wolf dogs at the end)  Either way it’s very clear the this epic franchise is picking up some serious steam as fans continue to show their love on social media and early box office projections.  Don’t miss out on the best Holiday released movie of 2013.

Good Luck to all of you this weekend and …. “May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!”

Chicago Toy Shop Team | Chi City Collectibles N Toys Team

Chicago Toy Shop Online eBay Store

Chicago Toy Shop Family Guy Action Figures eBay Collectible Figures Of The Week

Chicago Toy Shop’s item of the week features four collectible Family Guy action figures.   The highlight of this mini collection is Peter “Astronaut Cowboy Millionaire” Griffin, but don’t sleep on Bedtime Stewie either or you’ll likely meet the wrath of his high-tech bedtime zapper gun!! (Blast!)

Family Guy Action Figures | NIB Collectibles | eBay | Chicago Toy Shop | Chi City Collectibles N Toys

Family Guy Collectible Action Figures

Family Guy Action Figures

All four Family Guy action figures are in pretty good condition and feature their very own accessory item(s).  The four characters featured are: Peter, Stewie, Cleveland and Brian.  The figures are part of the 1-2 series made by Mezco toys.

If you’d like to check them out or add them to your shopping cart = Family Guy Collectible Action Figures

Be sure to check out all our hot new toys & collectibles this fall and winter.

Holiday shopping is only a few weeks away so don’t miss out on your chance to own a piece of Family Guy memorabilia history =)

Chi City Collectibles N Toys Team

Chicago Toy Shop E-mail: Info@ChicagoToyShop.Com


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